Airport Smarter

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh.

Today, we announced a new campaign named “Airport Smarter”, an effort that brings our flightSpeak community together in a unique way – by rewarding frequent travelers that share their airport insights and hacks at airports with a month of free Lyft rides to the airport.* (full details at


In an exclusive partnership with Lyft, we developed the Airport Smarter campaign to fire up the enthusiasm and generosity that frequent travelers have at airports, enabling them to gain rewards as they share their insights with other travelers. These shared experiences will enable other passengers have a more efficient, less stressful day of travel, as they lean on the guidance of other experienced travelers.

Our partnership with Lyft is in strong alignment with what we believe at flightSpeak. Their commitment to values and focus on the rider experience came together  in a special way for us – there’s no better way of starting a stress-free airport experience than with a comfortable Lyft ride to the airport.

There are a few things that form how we’re thinking about this:

  • We start with sharing: Small things make a big difference. Our kind efforts and shared collective wisdom can transform airport experiences.
  • We grow with participation: It’ll take all of us – from airport elites to newbie gate huggers pitching in during every trip.
  • We succeed with community: By working together, we go faster & further, and create more impact for each other, than any of us traveling alone.

Airports can be super-stressful, with a lack of information, poor signage, long lines, and inconsistent experiences. Kicking it off with a comfortable ride and learning from other experienced travelers is a small step to making the airport experience less stressful and more fun.



You can earn points for the Airport Smarter Campaign by:

  • Submitting/confirming security wait times on flightSpeak: + 5 points
  • Sharing stories in the airport gallery on flightSpeak: +1 point
  • Sharing photos in the airport gallery on flightSpeak: +2 points
  • Leaving a tip in TipCentral on flightSpeak: +1 point
  • Leaving tips with photos in TipCentral on flightSpeak: +2 points
  • Rating/reviewing stores, shops, and restaurants on flightSpeak: +1 point
  • Providing feedback to the airport on flightSpeak: +1 point.


It’s time to take off! We’ve made it super simple to win your free rides:

  1. Download flightSpeak, for iOS or Android
  2. Download Lyft, for iOS or Android
  3. Earn points on flightSpeak by confirming wait times, rating stores, leaving tips, and much more.
  4. Keep your Lead! We’ll keep you updated on the current leaders of the campaign.

Safe travels, and continue to airport smarter!

For the flightSpeak team,

/Leo Osahor


For more details about the Airport Smarter campaign, you can visit 


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