Official Airport Apps

Hello Everyone!

As we work with travelers and airports,  we have the unique position of seeing the multiple initiatives that are happening around the world. With travelers glued to their phones, some airports have moved forward with app development, working to reach travelers with helpful information.

Here’s a list of official airport apps that we’ve come across – we’ll continue to add to this list as we learn more!


  • ATL – Atlanta (Hartsfield Jackson) International Airport
  • DFW – Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
  • IND – Indianapolis International Airport
  • JAX – Jacksonville International Airport
  • LGB – Long Beach Airport
  • MIA – Miami International Airport
  • MCO – Orlando International Airport
  • SEA – Seattle Tacoma International Airport (Coming Soon)
  • PDX – Portland International Airport (Coming Soon)


  • AMS – Schiphol Amsterdam International Airport
  • BRU – Brussels International Airport
  • DUB – Dublin Airport
  • DXB – Dubai International Airport
  • LHR – London Heathrow International Airport
  • MCT – Muscat International (Oman Airport App)
  • MEL – Melbourne Airport
  • MSH – Masirah Airport (Oman Airport App)
  • MUN – Munich Airport
  • MUM – Mumbai International Airport (Terminal 2)
  • NCE – Nice Airport (France)
  • SIN – Changi (Singapore) International Airport
  • SLL – Salalah Airport (Oman Airport App)
  • STN – London Stansted Airport
  • TTH – Thumrait Airport (Oman Airport App)
  • ZUR – Zurich International Airport

Last Update: April 28th, 2017.

Did we miss any airports with official apps that you know of? Let us know and we’ll get them added as quickly as possible! (Kindly email, or leave a comment below) 

For road warriors who are always on the go and you need more airports than the ones above, we hope flightSpeak can help you navigate airport the ones above and others not listed here:  flightSpeak airport listing

Safe travels, and always airport smarter!

The flightSpeak team.


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