LeaderBoards – with photos!

 “A picture is worth a thousand words”

Such a simple phrase – that’s packed with incredible power.

Pictures bring us closer together, and allow us to share what we choose to show to the world. We do this by either striking the perfect pose and sharing a crafted image, or by being caught unexpectedly and allowing ourselves to share a brief moment of unfiltered authenticity.

A few weeks ago, we launched the flightSpeak LeaderBoards, where we showcase our most active users at airports around the world. We’ve taken our next step with making this feature much richer – with user profile photos.

We’re using your Facebook and LinkedIn photos (if you choose to sign in that way) on flightSpeak. You also have the opportunity to update that photo if you’d like, to have your own unique persona as you travel through airports around the world.

You can download it here:

Android:  http://bit.ly/fspkAndroid 

iOS: http://bit.ly/fspkIOS 

Our vision at flightSpeak is simple – we want to make airports easier. We do this through two major ways: providing you with the information you need, and connecting you with the travelers around you that make airports so magical.

We’re delighted you can help you share your face with others – because without a doubt, we know you’ll be smiling.

Safe travels,

Team flightSpeak.


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