flightSpeak Points

Last week, we launched the flightSpeak LeaderBoards, which showcase activity and the most active flightSpeakers in airports around the world.

We’ve received some great feedback, so thought we’d dive a bit deeper and share more!

Finding the LeaderBoard
You can always access the LeaderBoard from the flightSpeak community, whether you’re in business or leisure travel mode:


Viewing Rankings
The LeaderBoard will always show the top 10 most active flightSpeakers in your CURRENT airport. To get to know any particular user, you can tap on that user’s profile to see a history of their activity.


Gaining Points
You can gain points on flightSpeak by performing particular activities – in summary:

  • Submitting/confirming security wait times: + 5 points
  • Sharing stories in the airport gallery: +1 point
  • Sharing photos in the airport gallery: +2 points
  • Leaving tips in TipCentral: +1 point
  • Leaving tips with photos in TipCentral: +2 points
  • Rating/reviewing stores and restaurants: +1 point
  • Providing feedback to the airport: +1 point.

The more you participate, the more you earn, so let the competition begin!!

Our savvy users will notice one thing – the reduction of the points you earn from submitting/confirming wait times, from 50 points down to 5. We did this after looking at the balance of activities across the application, and making sure everyone had a chance to gain points. Guess what? If you reported wait times earlier, you get to KEEP your points. THANK YOU FOR BEING AN EARLY ADOPTER AND FAN!

Thank you for your contributions in helping others airport much better. Together, we’re going to transform the airport experience – one trip at a time.
Safe travels,

Team flightSpeak.


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