You Voted. And the Winner is…


The Community Has Voted!

We recently hosted our Leave a Tip, Win a Trip contest to see who could leave the best airport tip in exchange for two flights from Alaska Airlines. We received a bunch of helpful tips from you all! Thank you to everyone who submitted or voted.

The flightSpeakers have spoken! The airport tip you all liked best belongs to Valerie S. with this smart tip for Ground Transportation at JFK airport:

“While ground transport at JFK is a bit confusing, it’s a great airport for getting an Uber pickup. They don’t have to go to a special area to pick you up – they can just pull up right in the passenger loading zone!…”

Also congratulations to Regine S, C.L, and Mondo M for submitting the most tips!

A few facts about the contest:

  • We received a total of 78 tips.
  • They came from 32 different airports around the world.
  • This included 25 domestic airports and 7 international airports.
  • SEA had the most amount of tips submitted at 27.
  • Tips for SEA received a grand total of 82 likes.
  • These tips generated a total of 127 likes from fellow airporters.

Thank you so much for everyone’s participation! We were thrilled to see the amount of people participating in this contest. We’d love to encourage you to leave tips for your fellow travelers. The more tips you leave, the easier it will be for everyone to get around new airports. After all, there’s nothing better during a long layover than discovering a new wine bar or art exhibit while you wait!

Also, thank you to Alaska Airlines for partnering with us on this contest!

Who’s the Boss? NEW LeaderBoards Feature

Now you can see how you stack up to other flightSpeakers at your airport! Earn points to get on LeaderBoards by improving everyone’s airport experience with in-app actions such as submitting and liking tips,  validating CheckPoint times, reviewing a store, and much more!



We’re looking forward to what 2017 holds and can’t wait for you to join us for the journey!

As always, thank you, and safe travels!

The flightSpeak Team.


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