A New Year, A Renewed Focus

focus-photo-by-paul-skorupskasHappy New Year Everyone!

We trust that you had a restful holiday break and are excited about the promise of the New Year. If you’re like us, the calendar is filling up quickly and your travel plans are taking shape.

We started our 2017 by looking back on what we learned last year, and reviewing what we heard (thank you so much!) from our community.

Based on our findings, we’re excited to share where we’re going this year:

  • We’re making the flightSpeak experience more personal. A great travel journey is about relevance, and how flightSpeak can bring the airport to YOU. Expect to see changes to make flightSpeak YOUR OWN airport app while on business or leisure travel, with your favorite airports, stores, services, and much more, delivered right to you.
  • We’re celebrating our growing community. From our beginning, we shared our intent to change the airport experience together, and that’s what we’re going to do. Expect to see more features that highlight and reward our amazing members, and celebrate their contributions to our growing global community.
  • We’re making the flightSpeak experience even better. A great app experience shouldn’t be at the mercy of Wi-Fi, data plans, or slow connections. Expect the app experience to be more more stable, globally available, and yes, simply delightful.

We’re delighted to welcome you back – and are so grateful that you’re with us for the journey ahead.

Here we go.

On behalf of our amazing team,

/Leo Osahor,

Founder/CEO, flightSpeak.


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