Leave a Tip & Win a Trip!

We’ve been busy here behind the scenes at flightSpeak. Just a few weeks ago, we showed you how to beat security wait times for good with security wait times being available on the app. We’re pleased to say we’ve had an overwhelming response to this release, with new users from all over the world discovering flightSpeak for the first time.

Our goal is to always listen to your questions, suggestions, and tips so we can better learn what the community needs. We know everyone travels different, whether it’s arriving at the airport hours in advance or knowing the best airport bars to drink at. That’s why we created TipCentral, a place on the app where you can share all your little-known secrets to help out your fellow travelers. Who knows, you might even discover facts about your favorite airport that you didn’t know!

To make things exciting, we’re launching a contest for the month of December. We’ve partnered with Alaska Airlines to give away two $300 vouchers to anywhere in the United States! Maui? Minneapolis? Miami? You make the call. We even made it easy for you – you just have to answer one question:

How Do You Airport?


Your travel experience should begin and end with effortless airporting. We believe the best resource is using your own community, which is why we strongly support helping each other out with tips for the greater good. After all, having an easier time at the airport is probably one of the best gifts you can give this time of year. Why wouldn’t you want to make airporting more awesome (yep, we made it a verb)?

How to Win

1. DOWNLOAD the free flightSpeak app for iOS or Android(If you haven’t already! It’s a rare breed – the only of its kind!)

2. ADD A TIP by scrolling down to the “Expert Tips” tile within the app and then tapping on the “+” button. (Share your best airport tip for fellow travelers to help make their next trip to the airport awesome.)

3. GET LIKES because the tip with the most likes wins the prize! (Recruit your friends and family to download the app and vote for your tip- after all, it’s a trip for two!)

For more information, head to http://www.howdoyouairport.com.

With flightSpeak, you can take the guess, and the stress, out of airporting.


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