Beat Security Wait Times for Good

We’ve all been there. Your absolutely-can’t-miss-flight is at 3pm, but another meeting just went long and now you’re rushing like a madman to the airport.  You know the quickest route and have packed light in order to avoid checking bags, but the one essential question remains: how long is the security line going to take? flightSpeak is NOW ready help you answer that question.

A Quick Background

Security lines can be a frustrating part of the airport experience. While the amount of travelers at US airports has steadily increased over the years, average wait times have dropped. Airports, airlines, & TSA continue to work together to provide solutions to growing travel demand and ever-present security lines.

The issue of knowing how long lines will take hasn’t entirely gone away. While programs such as TSA Precheck and Global Entry have helped, those lines can still get combined with regular lines from time to time. How do you know how long the wait time is on top of everything else you’re doing last minute before your trip? That’s where flightSpeak comes in.

An Exciting Announcement

It’s been insightful to talk with business & leisure travelers, uber-frequent flyers, travel agencies, & industry experts from all around the world. Knowing how long a security line will be emerged as the #1 requested feature when it came to airport information. We couldn’t be more proud to share that our latest release, called CheckPoint, provides the most accurate estimate of how long it will take you to wait in linefrom when you enter the line, to when you exit screening.

We did all the work (flight volumes, weather, available airport travel and wait time data, and much more) and made it easy to see the current estimate of the airport’s overall wait time, and where available, broken down by checkpoint/terminal.

How does it work?

Very simply! When you pull up the flightSpeak app, the security wait time for your selected airport will be right on your home screen. You’ll know instantly if you need to head to the airport early or if you’re on time. 

Once you go through security, all you do is confirm – “Was that time correct?” With a simple Yes/No, you help other travelers know before they go!

Each time you use the app to confirm in wait time, you’re helping your fellow travelers.

Download it for iPhone or Android today and join the flightSpeak community in airporting smarter!

What’s Next?

We’d love your thoughts on CheckPoint! Did this help have a much better airport experience? Save you time and energy? We’d love to hear from you!

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram, or reach us at

Talk to us!

As always, thank you, and safe travels!

The flightSpeak Team.


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