How to Breeze Through the Airport During the Holidays

The holidays are an exciting time of year. You get to see loved family and friends and take a trip through memory lane back home. Don’t forget about your aunt’s famous pumpkin pie that you look forward to every year either!

Many other people are traveling during the holidays as well, so it tends to be the busiest time of year in the airport. There’s no reason to stress though – we’re here to arm you with helpful tips to get you through the airport with ease so you can enjoy that cup of eggnog sooner!


Avoid the Busiest Days

We understand that not everyone has a flexible schedule when it comes to traveling due to work obligations. If you do have a choice in choosing when you can fly in and out, try to avoid the two days before Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. According to Reward Expert, those are the worst days during the holidays. The lighter traffic days are on the actual holidays themselves, so if possible try to fly out early in the morning to avoid the lines. Who knows, maybe the flight attendants will have some holiday surprises for you on the plane!

Consider Nixing Low Budget Airlines

We all love low budget airlines – they can save substantial amounts of money compared to regular airlines. The only problem is they don’t have the reputation for being on time as much as larger airlines. Low budget airlines  also don’t have as many routes available each day, so if there is a delay or cancellation you might be stuck for an extended period of time. Consider paying more money for a flight on a carrier with multiple flights per day to your destination so you’ll have the peace of mind that they’ll easily be able to reschedule your flight.

Know Before You Go

Knowing what amenities the airport has before you get there will allow you to have a plan in mind once you arrive. Does the airport have Wi-Fi so you can get work done before your flight? Do you know if your favorite store is available to do some last minute shopping? Downloading a free app like flightSpeak allows you to find out all these items and more before you even get to the airport.

Check What’s Allowed Through Security

By now we’re sure you know to take your shoes and belt off, and take out liquids and electronics when going through security. When traveling for the holidays, you might be bringing gifts or other items that you don’t normally carry. If you’re not sure if you’re allowed to bring them as a carry on, the TSA website has compiled a very handy list of what is and isn’t allowed that you can find here.

Come Fueled

One of the most common causes of grumpy travelers is when they become “hangry,” aka angry due to hunger. Avoid this by packing plenty of snacks in your carry on to eat while you’re waiting in line. You’ll feel much better if you have to wait in a long line, plus you might make some new friends if you’re nice and share!

What tips would you add to this list?


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