How to Practice Airport Etiquette

Airports are filled with sights, sounds, and people. Of course, while all this activity can be fascinating, airports can also be very stressful. Travel complications, cranky young children, and delays make airport visits uncomfortable,and bad habits from travelers make it much worse! Here are a few helpful tips on airport etiquette from our community to help make your visit much better:

Master the Security Line

Lines can be frustrating, but they can be handled better (and move much faster!)  if you’re well prepared. Have your documents ready, including your identification documents and boarding passes. Make sure all your liquids are in a clear, small bag. Take everything out of your pockets, including keys and cell phones. Be ready to take off your shoes and belt. Do as much as you can before to be well prepared – if everyone does this, the lines will be much shorter!

Tip for US Travelers: Do you have TSA Precheck? You can save tons of time! Check it out here.

Stay on the Right on Escalators

It’s common across most countries to stand on the right on an escalator/moving stairway if you’re standing still. It gives other travelers that are late enough room to rush by. When you stand on the right, have your luggage right in front of you. This clears the path for someone trying to dash to their gate at the last minute. You may just help them get to their gate on time!


Keep Your Belongings Close

Keeping your belongings close provides room for other travelers, and also prevents them from becoming tripping hazards and take up seats other people could be using. This also prevents anyone else from accessing your bags, which could present a security risk!

Don’t Use all the Power Sockets

Power sockets can be rare commodities in airports. Everyone needs to have their electronics fully juiced up before their flight, so don’t use up all of them with all your gear. Have your laptop taking up one socket and plug your other devices into USB ports on your laptop.  This lets the charging station be used by everyone, and you won’t get any unfriendly stares.

Insider Tip: Put your devices in airplane mode – they’ll charge much faster!

Leave It Tidy

Airports have different types of food, drinks, and other activities to entertain people while they wait. As much as possible, leave your restaurant tables, lounge areas, and other spots as clean as you can when you head out for your flight. It saves airport and restaurant staff time to take care of bigger things that need their attention.  The next traveler will thank you for it!

Step Away From the Carousel

Step back to a safe distance while you’re waiting at baggage claim so allow everyone to see the carousel/luggage belts clearly. Standing too close obstructs other travelers who won’t be able to see their bags when they come through! You wouldn’t want to miss yours, would you?


Being courteous to others in the airport will make your time and everyone else’s time more pleasant during your next trip.

What other etiquette tips do you have? Feel free to share them here!


One thought on “How to Practice Airport Etiquette

  1. With recent security issues around the globe, it’s always best to be mindful of your surroundings. Also if you are in a qeue, whether for First, Business or Economy, et al, pay attention to the line and be mindful if the entrance to the check in counter is also the exit- which means that whichever passenger is at the counter may need to exit right back from where they were initially waiting to be serviced. So be courteous and don’t block any pathways.


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