Released! TipCentral – Tips from Airport Experts

Every time we travel, we hear great tips from Road warriors that go to several airports frequently:

“The further away you get from the main terminal hub, the Wi-Fi signal gets weaker. If you have to work before your flight, pick somewhere close to the main terminal. Your Wi-Fi will be much faster! ” (SEA)

“A new restaurant just opened up – but it’s hard to see! Walk directly opposite the departure gates and Voila! A great find! (EUG)

“You can’t bring liquids in, but we’ve got you covered. We’ve got a filtered water dispenser right in the gate area to fill up your water bottles. (BLI)

TipCentral is just that: travelers leaving tips for other travelers to help them make the most of their airport experience:




Adding a Tip

Adding a tip is super easy. Simply click on the “+” sign, and you’ll come to this screen:


Add a tip header, and then dive into the details.

We’ve also provided the ability to add photos to your tips to make it much easier.

TipCentral Tags 

Tags are an important part of leaving a tip by helping travelers find information. To add a tag, simply tap one of the many tags (18 at the moment) to add it to your tip. In future versions, we’ll make easier to search tips by tag! Note that you can have multiple tags per tip.


Thanks for reading! We’re looking forward to seeing what creative tips that you share for airports around the world.

What do you think? We’d love your feedback on TipCentral! Sent it over to and we’ll get back to you.

As always, we’d love a rating in the iOS and Android app stores.

Safe travels!

Team flightSpeak.


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