Released! Airport Gallery,Updated design

With this release, we’ve focused on making the flightSpeak experience much simpler, allowing you to navigate and experience the app in a much easier way.
In summary:

Design changes: You’ll notice a new splash screen, as well as a different loading screen experience. We’re making changes that make the flightSpeak experience personalized for you:


The Airport Gallery: This is a NEW experience – a combination of the Sightings and Stories experience from previous versions. What we heard is that you didn’t know where to post – either in sightings or stories. You now have ONE place to post your travel stories and interesting photos. We hope you enjoy this simpler experience, and have fun viewing what other travelers have posted.

flightSpeak - gallery

Aloha – for now: With this release, we’re saying Aloha to one of our beloved features – the Itinerary. In a nutshell – what we built didn’t perform to your expectations. So we’re pulling this out to work harder on delivering a better experience, especially when it comes to live updates during real-time flight changes. We’ll say aloha to the itinerary again soon!

Thanks for your constant feedback – please continue to send your thoughts to!

Safe travels,

Team flightSpeak!


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