Released! Does the airport have Wi-Fi?

Airport Wi-Fi is now a critical part of our time at the airport.
Travelers often ask – is there Wi-Fi at the airport? Is it free? How do I connect?
With our newest release, we’ve made it even easier for you to plan for your time at the airport. We’ve put together airport information from over 100 airports around the United States, with more airports coming each week!
Wi-Fi details
With each airport, we showcase the following:
  • Is Wi-Fi available?  (Yes/No)
  • Is it free? (Free/Premium)
  • Wi-Fi provided by: (The official Wi-Fi provider)
  • Wi-Fi instructions URL: (The official link to instructions – when available)
  • Wi-Fi instructions: Connection instructions (when available)
  • Support #: A support number to call (when available) 
  • Support email: A support email (when available) 

Rating Wi-Fi

We’ve made it even easier for you to share your Wi-Fi experience by allowing you to rate the quality of Wi-Fi in the airports you visit.  This information is aggregated and available for all to see, allowing you to have clear expectations when you head to the airport.

Thank you for your continuous feedback  – we love hearing from you.
Feel free to reach out at

To an easier airport trip,

Team flightSpeak.




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