Released! Nearest airports, logos, & friends

Our newest release has four main improvements:
  • Airports: detecting your nearest airport for you
  • Itineraries: deleting a itinerary that has issues
  • Itineraries: adding airline logos
  • Itineraries: reaching out to friends
Detecting an airport
You no longer have to scroll through a long list of airports to set your home airport. We’ve done this for you:
flightSpeak - nearest airport
Deleting an itinerary
We’re still working hard to improve the itinerary experience on flightSpeak. Our first step: being able to remove one when it doesn’t come through correctly!
flightSpeak itinerary-delete
Adding airline logos
We’ve added logos from the top 100 airlines in the world to help make your itinerary more visually appealing:
Reaching out to friends
With friends on flightSpeak, you can see your Facebook friends that live in a particular city right from your itinerary.
 flightSpeak - friends-text
With a simple tap, you can text them a few short messages.
As always, this build includes several bug fixes to improve the overall performance and usability of the app.
Thank you for your continuous feedback  – we love hearing from you.
Feel free to reach out at! We read every email!!
Safe travels,
Team flightSpeak.

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