Released! Traveler Itineraries

When we launched a few months ago, we set out with a goal to make airports easier by providing airport information and bringing people together.

We’re proud to say information on over 200 airports in 14 countries can be found on flightSpeak. With each airport listing, you can find places to eat, shop, info on ground transportation and parking, as well as the communications stream from each airport (You don’t have to follow twitter accounts from different airports to get the information you need!). We’ve also seen over 700 interactions between travelers take place in airports across the world. 

But this wasn’t enough. What we heard was that travelers needed to bring things together. Not with just airport information, but with travel plans. They didn’t want one tool to find what they were looking for at the airport, and another one for travel planning.  

With that feedback, we’ve taken our boldest move yet – to enrich the travel itinerary and make it come alive with airport and social information.

We’d like you to meet your new enriched itinerary:

 You’ll notice a few things:

A redesigned itinerary. You’ll find your travel plans from multiple airlines aggregated in an easy to read format. Simply forward your travel confirmations to, and your travel plans will appear on your list. This makes reading your travel plans, especially if you are flying with different airlines much easier – so you don’t have download multiple apps.

A separate airport view. Airport resources often go undiscovered. This section shows the rich set of resources you can find in your airport. With a few clicks, you can easily find your favorite store, place to shop, and much more. We’ve also added a countdown timer that activates 3 hours before your flight takes off.

A new social space. Enjoying trips to a destination is always about the friends you have. With this section, we’re showing your friends on Facebook that are on flightSpeak, making it easy to remember to reach out to them as you travel. Please invite your friends! 

A simple flight view. Any travel plan wouldn’t be complete without sharing your flight details. We’ve designed this important portion to make it easy to find the information you need for your flight.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Here’s an easy link: I have feedback

Have you been enjoying your experience on flightSpeak? Please rate us in the app stores! 

Thank you for your feedback in helping us make your airport trip much easier!

Safe travels,

Team flightSpeak



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