Airports + Mommies

Traveling often has us frazzled – we’re in a rush to pack our bags, do last minute errands, and then dash to the airport, only to be welcomed (in many airports) by long security lines. By the time we get to our gates, we’re exhausted.
As we approach Mother’s Day (May 8th, United States), our thoughts turned to Moms with young children, and how we could help make their airport journeys less stressful. We’re sharing our research on Airports + Nursing rooms, as well our interview notes from two super Moms that have mastered the art of traveling with young children: Rue (Founder/CEO of The Perfect Push), and Claudia (Founder, The Travelling Mom)

Note: The locations and availability of Nursing Rooms at specific airports can be found in the “Just for Family” section on the free flightSpeak app.

Here are our notes: Enjoy!

What’s it like being a nursing mom traveling with a young child?

  • It can be tough at times. People are becoming more tolerant, but the stigma around nursing in public hasn’t changed. It causes Moms a lot of anxiety, and I wish people would be more accepting of something that’s so natural. More airports are coming up with nursing rooms, but otherwise finding somewhere that’s comfortable & quiet is hard. Not having designated nursing areas is very difficult, as family bathrooms aren’t the best place.”

What are must have items when traveling with young children?

  • Nursing essentials, sanitizer wipes, a good burp cloth, a change of clothes for the baby and Mom (very important!), nursing pads, and water to keep yourself hydrated.  Always remember to budget enough time, and have a nutritious snack and a good book handy for when the baby is nursing.”

More info: The Perfect Push.

The Travelling Mom encouraged Moms to not forget about their own needs – they should make time for some self-care with a regime that doesn’t have to break the bank or make you late. Some of her tips include:

  • Book a mani-pedi and get your nails done before you leave. If you don’t have time, leave the wee ones with your partner at the indoor playground and get the express manicure found at the Airport’s mini-spa. Or if you prefer, try a 10-minute power massage instead. It’s a perfect antidote to soothe sore shoulders and the upper back after lugging diaper bags, backpacks or suitcases across airport terminals.
  • Buying a new lipstick for your trip in a color you wouldn’t normally wear is a low-cost way to spice up your beauty routine. For a larger splurge, purchase a new fragrance at the nearest duty free store. Sensory memory lasts for years, and your new scent will take you right back to that beach on Maui or the Amalfi Coast in Italy.
  • Pack your own water bottle to stay hydrated in that recirculated air, along with your own healthy snack supply. If you can possibly sleep on the plane, pack along those all important ear plugs, eye masks and pashmina wraps. Tuning out the world to find some inner peace (if the kids allow) will go a long way to finding some inner zen.

More tips on

To a stress-free trip,

The flightSpeak team.


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