Airports + Yoga

Traveling is usually a fun occasion – whether you’re going on a tropical vacation to see family or friends, or to explore a new city. That said, it can also be stressful and hard on the body. It’s important to keep yourself healthy when traveling to make sure you’re not losing the time you should be spending on the beach in bed instead. If you’re a business traveler, you especially know the importance of taking care of yourself while constantly on the road.

Airports are already realizing the importance of having somewhere for the busy traveler to relax and get away from the loud chaos of the airport. The San Francisco International Airport was the first to have the idea, and it quickly caught on. As Harriet Baskas reported, airport yoga is a trend that is continuing to expand. The Dallas Fort Worth Airport made an instructional video for those who don’t have a yoga routine memorized. It’s never been so easy to workout!

Yoga is just one part of the picture of course!  Here are some quick tips to relax from Rolf Sovik, PsyD:

  • Focus on relaxing – Some poses may seem like you’re not doing anything, but the purpose is to relax. Let your posture do the work for you. 
  • Take time to breathe –  It’s easy to get caught up in a pose and forget to breathe. Slow breathing is what relaxes your body as oxygen goes in and out of your body.
  • Get your beauty sleep – Getting enough sleep is crucial to your well-being. Eating healthy and working out won’t do any good if you’re exhausted. Your body uses that time to repair itself and get you ready to conquer the next day, so try to get around eight hours a night.

Which airports have Yoga resources?

Here’s the current list as of April 2016: (We’ll keep this updated with current information)

  • BTV: Burlington International
  • DFW: Dallas Fort-Worth International
  • MDW: Chicago Midway International
  • ORD: Chicago O’hare International
  • SFO: San Francisco International
  • XNA: Northwest Arkansas Regional

Here’s a beautiful photo you can take with you as a reminder:

A+Y Draft

To a stress-free trip,

The flightSpeak team


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