flightSpeak 7.5 – Android!

7.5 release notes

We’re delighted to share that flightSpeak is now available on Android!

We’ve worked hard to cover the large amount of Android versions and screen sizes out there. With this release, we’re supporting OS 4.1x and above: Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop
& Marshmallow!

In addition, we’re excited about about another new feature in this release: the ability to log in to flightSpeak with your email. Many travelers that want to fly incognito, and their requests to not use Facebook or LinkedIn to log in were at the heart of this new feature release. We’re thrilled to bring this to life!

You can find the newest release here: flightSpeak on the Google Play Store

We’d love your feedback on the newest version. Please take a few mins to rate the app on the app store and share your feedback. Thank you again for your incredible support!

Safe travels,

The flightSpeak team.


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