flightSpeak v7.4 release notes

7.4 iOS app improvements

  • Sharing across Instagram/Twitter/Facebook. Travelers loved using our social features to share why they were at the airport and to post interesting things they came across. We’ve connected the sharing experience, allowing you to post to all the important social networks at the same time.
  • Establishment filters. Having a list of stores in the airport was a great start. Now, we’ve added filters that allow you to see stores that are open right now, and also filter by terminal/concourse location.
  • Ridesharing with UBER. We’re excited about this addition! Right from the app, you can find whether your airport has permitted UBER to pick you up, where to find the approved UBER location, and order your ride right from flightSpeak.  You can read more about this addition and all the airports that have permitted UBER pickups here
  • Bugs, bugs, bugs. We won’t bore you with the details – know we’re always working to make the app experience as delightful as possible.

Website improvements

  • A new blogThis one came from our team – we needed a place where we could share our thoughts, let you know what we were working on, and invite others to post great content.We’re delighted to bring this to life and hope you enjoy our posts.
  • Category deep diving. What we heard was that telling you that LAX had 149 places to eat didn’t really mean much – what you wanted was what those places were, and whether they were open. We hope you like what we came up with, and that it keeps your travel planning handy in prep for use with the flightSpeak app.
  • The ability to report mistakes. We work really hard to make sure that every airport and store on flightSpeak has accurate information and showcases the best of every airport. But we also make mistakes. We’ve added a link on each airport page that allows you to report errors in anything. Feel free to use this – even if you just want to say hi. 🙂

We’re hoping this version knocks your socks off. If not, let us know why and we’ll get on it. We want to be a part of every trip you take. After all, that’s why we’re here.


The flightSpeak team.


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