flightSpeak v7.3 release notes

7.3 iOS app improvements

  • Airport feedback. Giving feedback is something we naturally do, and we want to make that part of the native flightSpeak experience. You’ll notice some airports have different questions – this is simply based on what they would like to ask you.
  • Loading progress bars. One of the things we noticed was having a spinner displayed while airports and other data was loading didn’t give the visual feedback you needed to help you decide whether to wait. We saw users actually quit, thinking the app had crashed. We’ve now added a progress bar to help you see when your wait is coming to an end.
  • Bugs bashing. Back end load times and various performance + UI improvements

We’re already at work with 7.4 – we’re excited at this never ending journey to make a product you use every time you travel. We’re just beginning!

Compliments of the season – happy holidays!

The flightSpeak team.


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