A New Beginning for flightSpeak

Hi Everyone,

I’m delighted to announce the availability of our newest version of flightSpeak. This release marks the beginning of our focus on transforming the airport experience — by making airports less stressful and more fun.

We arrived at this milestone after reaching out to over 80 airports, listening to over 300 travelers, and hearing from countless travel industry partners. This approach elevated our thinking, and helped us learn two major things: travelers need better access to information as they travel through multiple airports, and that they are interested in connecting and sharing information with each other. These findings shaped our creativity and efforts towards the newest version. A few highlights:

No more need for multiple airport apps

Travelers asked for a single delightful experience — an easy to use app they could use at every airport they visited. With that focus, we’ve aggregated data across the Web, Google, Yelp, and much more to bring you a release with comprehensive information from over 80 airports (and growing!) across the country. In addition — you never have to follow multiple twitter feeds from your favorite airports. We’ve collated them all for you — all in one place. See more…

Never miss your favorite store

Airports are filled with delightful shopping experiences. Whether it’s treating yourself to that impulse purchase, or looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, we’ve put gathered information from over 10,000 stores across 80 airports and placed it at your fingertips. The information includes store descriptions, photos, hours of operation, and store ratings — by travelers, for travelers. You’ll no longer have to wonder if you can find that massage you’re craving at your destination airport, or the gift you need to pick up. See More…

Supercharge your curiosity

Ever wondered why people were at the airport? Where were they going?

With Why I fly, get a sneak peek into why travelers around you are at the airport. We’ve seen teams going to conventions; families visiting grandma for Thanksgiving; teams heading for their first away game, and much more. Share why you fly, and join the fun! See more…

Share your discoveries

Airports are fascinating places filled with people, places, and discoveries. With aroundMe, you can share interesting photos and comments about the things that make you smile (and frown!) during your airport visit. Discover & share airport art, interesting food, celebrity sightings,, and much more with aroundMe. Let the people watching begin! See more…

Download flightSpeak for iOS today!

A note of thanks

A milestone like this couldn’t have been possible without a massive group of amazing people. First of all — to the flightSpeak team near and far. We’ve started something special…thank you for everything you’ve done!

To our other readers: if you’ve come across this page – you’ve shared your time, given us advice, listened to our story, provided product feedback, beta tested our MVPs, worked with us, influenced our strategy, inspired our path, poured out your experiences as a traveler, connected us with resources, partnered along the journey, entertained our questions, rejected our pitches, accepted our adventure, and above all, challenged us to think bigger, push further, and fly higher. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.

We believe we’re just scratching the surface on this exciting part of the travel experience.

Download flightSpeak and use it on your next trip. We’d love to know what you think. For our friends on Android and Windows Phone — kindly hit request on our home page. We’re on it.

For the flightSpeak team,


Founder, CEO


2 thoughts on “A New Beginning for flightSpeak

    I do not have or want a cellphone. I like face to face connection. During my most recent airport experience I approached a woman to ask the time. She said she did not know and had left her cellphone in the car. She looked sad. We got to talking and she said had just put her 5-year-old on the plane for a solo flight. I could see she was worried so reassured her that the child would be safe and offered her a hug. She accepted readily and we parted, still strangers but having shared a moment.
    Next I watched a man seeing off two teenage boys then standing there, throat working, as they walk down the jetway. I tell him his emotion touched me. He says his two sons live in another state with their mom and he “has” them one week per month and all school vacations. I say I can tell he is a good dad just by the sincerity and pain I witnessed in his farewell. This makes his day and he hugs me.
    I am sitting in a row of empty seats. A very obese woman on a motorized scooter approaches, parks the scooter, and heaves herself onto the seat opposite me, overflowing it. I say, “I like your dress.” She smiles and we get into a wonderful conversation about how she is usually overlooked and marginalized because of both her obesity and her disability. She was in two car accidents, the second while on her way to treatment for injuries sustained in the first. Her spine was destroyed and she tells me of the latest research on synthetic spines. We discover we share the same first name and even the same spelling of it. I am glad we both chose that row of seats.
    My flight is cancelled but a gate agent is optimistic and gets me on a different flight that saves my whole trip. He seems even happier than I am that he could help me. I am so grateful I offer a hug. He comes out from behind the counter and hugs me so well I ask him to marry me. That gets me two more hugs and a warning that he already has a girlfriend.
    The pilot of the cancelled flight is standing beside me perusing cold drinks for sale. He says he is as impatient and frustrated as all the passengers by the delays and cancellations but can do nothing about it. I can. He needs to vent and I can listen.
    Stop staring at your cell phones. Look around. Listen to people. Connect.


  2. What a set of beautiful experiences – thank you for sharing Kathy! Agreed – we need more of the human touch as we travel. Let’s continue to reach out!


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